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Begin Simply by April

Begin Simply is a space where I slowly curate my ideal wardrobe while giving a running commentary of the process. My ideal wardrobe is definitely one of neutral hues, simple cuts and quality material. Besides writing about my wardrobe I also intend to include cafe scenes (lots of coffee!) and still life photography. By the way, I watch too much AFL (yes, I am from Australia). On a more serious note, I am still not sure whether to continue on this platform (thinking of merging content from here to my Instagram), but for the time being I will be posting on both platforms - April

August 23, 2013

Elements of a 'classic wardrobe'

Since paring down my wardrobe and ultimately my outfits to combinations of basics I seem to read or scan (determined by quality of content) articles, posts and lists of what constitutes classic pieces. I have crossed many great interpretations on a classic wardrobe, while on the flip side I have read some not so good conclusions of classic pieces. 

Then it got me thinking the exact question - 'What are the elements to a classic wardrobe' ? 

In my opinion, a classic item is one that has been created over and over again by as many designers or high street labels as possible. Without anyone stating, 'you copied this designer or that designer'. Just think about the trench coat, there is a well known fashion house that makes trench coats, however, many other designers have also created trench coats without the fashion house stating they have been replicated. This is because in theory, the plain overall design is the same. For example, a classic shirt will always have a front, back, two long sleeves and buttons. The possibility for designers or high street labels to add collars (round or pointed), pockets (one or two), loose fit or tight fit and many other options is what makes the diversity and allows individual preference. So, in my view there are no set pieces for a classic. I think it is the plain overall design that is coined a 'classic'. 


  1. A good summary of a classic. But also just because something is classic, does not mean it's timeless...pieces from the 80s may look very dated to today.

    1. Didn't really think of it in that light! I have always assume 'timeless' with classic but maybe when talking about classics time era has to be taken into account. Love when comments end up making me think about my content in a new perspective. Thank you!

    2. Exactly, silhouettes change. For example a coat/jacket from the 80s with the big shoulder pads is going to look very dated today. A recently resurrected blog shared a magazine scan of the classics, but dated from the 80s. But nowadays many young girls dress very, very 80s with leggings & tanks.

      Take Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy for example, her style was very classic and minimalist but her shoes especially give her away as a 90s icon.


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