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Begin Simply by April

Begin Simply is a space where I slowly curate my ideal wardrobe while giving a running commentary of the process. My ideal wardrobe is definitely one of neutral hues, simple cuts and quality material. Besides writing about my wardrobe I also intend to include cafe scenes (lots of coffee!) and still life photography. By the way, I watch too much AFL (yes, I am from Australia). On a more serious note, I am still not sure whether to continue on this platform (thinking of merging content from here to my Instagram), but for the time being I will be posting on both platforms - April

August 04, 2013


Oh, how I have missed freshly toasted slices of bread with a slathering of butter. No idea where this line of thought is coming from? Well, my pictures on Instagram are quite good at detailing my day to day life. Yes, quite sad on my behalf I believe but who doesn't love chronicling their life through photos in perfect squares? Now back onto my hunger for toasted bread - it is indeed a favourite of mine, including the slathering of butter (yes, carbs + fat, but remember moderation is the key!) so when I had to basically eat only liquids due to having my wisdom teeth removed it was definitely not the most pleasant few days (at least it has meant a speedy and well recovery!). It also reinforced that I could never survive on a liquid diet out of choice. Besides the fact I felt hungry more often, I also started to appreciate the simple action of chewing, yes, chewing! I remember saying to my mom that the most annoying part isn't really the liquid diet (remembering the days of chocolate mousse, ice-cream and jelly) but more so the fact that I couldn't really chew my food, therefore not tasting many flavours unless they were overly powerful. 

Now, it must seem weird I would detail bread and wisdom teeth on my blog, given that it is primarily a place where I post about clothes. However, it is just an interlude to the actual post because I felt the need to explain the bizarre two slices of toast pictured, above.

  Recently (maybe more belated, sorry!), I was asked on my Tumblr to post about my wishlist. At first I had 'grand' ideas of illustrating my wishlist, but my sketches didn't really meet the grandeur I had pictured in mind! So, back to square 1 (sense any irony?) stick to a method that is more realistic, well in my case I am quite good at list making. Like my love for bread, a staple in most diets, my wishlist consists of many essential items and the odd slightly deviant piece.

Before I begin, I realise that 'specific items' is part of the request. I'm not sure if it's meant to be brand specific or style specific, however I rarely shop with a specific brand in mind, I rather shop for a specific style. Nonetheless, some brands are my inspiration and my ultimate purchase, one day.

Top of my list

White shirt - 'Immaculate tailoring, crisp, cotton, sharp collar, able to roll cuffs', think Everlane Men's Oxford.

Silk shirt - 'White, black or light blue, soft, pointed collar, able to roll cuffs, some slouch', think Equipment Signature and Everlane silk blouse.

Cashmere sweater - 'White or grey, loose fit, crew neck', think Everlane cashmere.

White jeans - 'Mid rise, quality denim with minimal stretch, skinny fit, hits ankles', think Nobody jeans in general.

Rest of my list

Leather skirt - 'Structured style with buttery soft leather, black', haven't come across one I like!

Handkerchief silk shorts - 'loose fit, elasticated waistband, no drawstring, either a red/brown or ice blue/grey palette', haven't come across one I like!

Loafers - 'Menswear inspired styles' think Tod's penny loafer, Gucci horse bit loafer and Dieppa Restrepo penny loafer.

Chelsea boots - 'Genuine leather, black, matte finish, slight stacked heel' think RM Williams' The Yearling, Grenson's Grace or Declan, ASOS Adverse Leather Chelsea Ankle Boots.

Leather strapped watch - 'Clean and simple design with leather straps', think Daniel Wellington's Classic Sheffield and Aark Collective Classic Tortoise.


  1. You have a great list of lovely pieces to source, and I'm sure with your care for aesthetics, you'll find the perfect ones. I love hearing how other people shop; I tend to be very brand loyal, and Uniqlo—mentioned by PaPP—is another favorite.

    1. Thank you, actually putting my wishlist in written form helped me really pick out certain details I'm looking for in regards to each piece.

      Hahaha, I love reading about how others shop, too. I would say I stick to some brands more then others and I think it comes down to a particular brand just suiting your style!

  2. I like it when you write about random stuff too, you really should write some more about what you do during the days. Big fan of your coffee pictures on Instagram, heh. :) Anyway you seem like such a lovely and cosy person. Have a lovely day!

    1. Really, why thank you (I was a bit scared readers might find it a bit weird/boring)! I'm always open to suggestions so comment away!

      Did you happen to see the photo I just put up on Instagram - definitely coffee related ;)

      Enjoy your lovely day! x

  3. Hahaha your intro you're so silly :). I thought you already found your chelsea boots though? Or are you looking for a non-textured one (like those Acne Pistols)? Yay #internationaleverlane2014

    1. Life is too boring and serious sometimes ;)

      Those are more ankle boots, I want a classic pair of Chelsea boots! Stop reminding me of those Pistol boots!! hehehe!

      You know my love for Everlane, don't have to explain myself there!

      P.S. that's so cool how your name links back to your Tumblr, for a second I thought you started a blog!


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