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Begin Simply by April

Begin Simply is a space where I slowly curate my ideal wardrobe while giving a running commentary of the process. My ideal wardrobe is definitely one of neutral hues, simple cuts and quality material. Besides writing about my wardrobe I also intend to include cafe scenes (lots of coffee!) and still life photography. By the way, I watch too much AFL (yes, I am from Australia). On a more serious note, I am still not sure whether to continue on this platform (thinking of merging content from here to my Instagram), but for the time being I will be posting on both platforms - April

June 19, 2013

Please keep on reading

Remember my first ever 'Back to SQUARE 1' post? Remember how the emphasis was on going back to basics? However, do you also remember the side note?

This is a piece I just simply adore and even though it is not a piece I'll wear week in week out I still believe it was definitely not a mistake. Granted, my love for neutral colours this year, it might seen odd I gave more then a glance to this dress. Since it is not just one eye catching colour but a multitude of pink, orange and grey. The simple answer is, time. This dress is from a year or so ago and even though my style has changed to favour more of the neutral tones recently it was not always the case and simply enough, I just love this dress dearly and could never make myself donate or sell it. However, rest a sure, I am not a walking contradiction my love for basics and neutrals are definitely still alive and burning bright. I am sure future posts (a lot more since I have finished exams!!) will assure you of that statement! 

All personal preferences aside, the tailoring of this dress is close to flawless. It creates an illusive hour-glass figure and the cap sleeve detail along with the colour palette adds modern elements to the classic cut. The way the colours are interwoven brings three possible clashing colours together creating a pastel master piece.

The shoes, like the dress in principle, although not worn daily is one I treasure and always wear for more fun formal occasions.


  1. Wow! I love the combination of colors!

    1. Thank you, the colour combination is so unique!

  2. I don't think everything in one's closet has to be for daily wear. It's nice to have special pieces. The colors are beautiful on you, and it certainly looks appropriate for spring/summer/garden weddings, graduations, etc...

    1. I am glad you understand where I am coming from. My thoughts exactly, perfect for a wedding and even a graduation!


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