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Begin Simply by April

Begin Simply is a space where I slowly curate my ideal wardrobe while giving a running commentary of the process. My ideal wardrobe is definitely one of neutral hues, simple cuts and quality material. Besides writing about my wardrobe I also intend to include cafe scenes (lots of coffee!) and still life photography. By the way, I watch too much AFL (yes, I am from Australia). On a more serious note, I am still not sure whether to continue on this platform (thinking of merging content from here to my Instagram), but for the time being I will be posting on both platforms - April

March 11, 2013

Easy tee and jeans

Throwing on a tee and jeans is the easiest and by far my most comfortable pairing while rushing to arrive by 8am (being told last week to not be late!) and detouring slightly to buy a mocha on a Monday morning. Trust me, I needed the few extra minutes to buy a mocha then trying to find something else to wear. This was only possible because my wardrobe is now no longer a mess of clothes I barely wear. Instead, it consists of essentials that can be paired in an instant, allowing one less thing to worry about! I finished the outfit off with Nike sneakers knowing that it was going to be a long day and chose the amazing "Stitch and Hammer" leather tote to carry my day's worth of things. 

I only found out about Stitch and Hammer towards the end of last year after finding them on Instagram. I instantly fell in love with their handmade leather goods. The process of buying the leather tote was a lovely experience, from the amazing customer care by Amy who is the designer and maker behind Stitch and Hammer to the simple yet beautiful craftsmanship of the tote. In addition, the personal touches such as a the wrapping and little note made this experience even more worthwhile. Thank you, Amy!


  1. I love what you're doing with your blog...I'm always seeking other kindred spirits who appreciate simiple clothing. Keep it up!


    1. Thanks, Rachel. So happy you are enjoying the blog! Simple clothing seems to get the misconception of being boring and repeated but that is where your style comes into play in my opinion.

      Can't wait to see your new posts!


Thank you, I try and read all comments!